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Zygoma Implants

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Zygomatic implants are a new and advanced dental technique intended for patients with severe upper jaw resorption.

These implants are a good substitute for traditional dental implants.This ‘graft-less technique’, also known as the ‘Zygoma technique’, was introduced by Prof. Branemark & Nobel Biocare, Sweden.

This dental technique uses the cheekbone or the zygoma bone to support the longer zygoma implants.Usually, normal dental implants are inserted into the jawbone; however, if you have upper jaw bone loss, the bone may be too weak to support a traditional dental implant and will result in dental problems.

Advantages of Zygomatic Implants
  • No bone grafting required
  • No need for sinus lifts
  • Enjoy new teeth right away
  • Can be used in ALONG with traditional implants
  • High success rate