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Duration In Dental Implant

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Delayed loading

1. Placement of Dental Implant (One Sitting)
  • Wait for two to three months (minimum time period)
  • Let the bone formation occur around the implant- let the bone solidify around implant
  • No teeth during this period
2. After 2 or 3 months teeth can be given (3 to 5 sittings)
3. Same Day Implant (Implant in One Day)

When X-rays and radiology shows that you have enough quality and quality of bones, then Implant would be insert and load in one appointment only. The dentist would give you the local anesthesia to numb the part of your mouth. If the natural root is still in place, we will remove and then place the implant on it.

Your doctor can test the primary stability of the implant by a manual or computed tool. When that stability is enough, we connect the abutment to the fixture.

The last step is to screw or cement the crown on top of the abutment. Once we adjust the bite of your upper and lower jaw, you can leave the dental office with your new single tooth implant in place.

Immediate Loading

  • In this situation if bone is favourable then we can give temporary fixed teeth in 3 days and then after 2 or 3 months, we can give permanent teeth.
  • If bone is very well favourable then even in those cases we can give immediate permanent teeth in 5 to 7 days as well.
Conventional (Tow Stage Implant)

The procedure is longer if the starting fixture stability is not enough to support the chewing forces. In this situation, we require two appointments to accomplish the result.

During the first procedure, the dentist will cut the gum where we would place implants. After, we do a small hole in the bone using a drill. We put the implant in place and the cut closed with stitches.

Over the next two to six months, the implant and the bone bond together and become as one unique piece. The bonding process also calls “osseointegration”. in the bonding period, your dentist will not leave you without a tooth. There are a few temporaries tooth replacement options available: for example, we can place the dental bridge over implant spot.

At the end of the healing time, the second stage begins. The dentist makes a new incision to expose the implant. We screw a heaping cap onto the top of the implant. This will help the gum tissue to reshape and heal properly. One or two weeks are enough.

Once gums are ready your implant dentistry specialist replaces the healing cup with an abutment. Now the structure is ready to get the crown in place. Sometimes the permanent prosthesis can fit by screw or cement after wearing a temporary crown for a short period. The temporary crown will be in place for two to three weeks. Its scope is to let gums to heal around it. In the end, they will look like normal gums around natural teeth.

Treatment Duration

Condition 1: If gums are healthy then it takes 1 Day

Condition 2: If gums are not healthy Enough then it takes up to 6 to 12 Mouths

Success rates

The single-tooth implant has a success rate of up to 98.65%. With decent care, implants can last a lifelong.