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Understanding Sinus Lift Surgery: Pain, Duration, and Cost Explained

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  • Understanding Sinus Lift Surgery: Pain, Duration, and Cost Explained
17 April 24


Sinus lift surgery is a dental procedure to prepare the upper jaw for dental implants. Now there is a possibility that some questions will arise in your mind like what is involved in the procedure, how much it might hurt, how long it takes, and how expensive it could be can help you feel more at ease. In this blog, we will go through sinus lift surgery, answering common questions and talking about its benefits.

What is a Sinus Lift for Implants?

A sinus lift is a surgery is a procedure in which bone is added to the upper jaw, especially in the back side area of the mouth, to support dental implants. It's needed when there's not enough natural bone, usually due to bone loss, the shape of the sinus, or other reasons.

Is a Sinus Lift Painful?

No, Sinus lift surgery is done with local anaesthesia to keep you feel comfortable. During the surgery, the patient might feel pressure but not pain. Afterward, they might face some discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but it can be cured by painkillers and taking proper care of your mouth.

Does a Sinus Lift Change Facial Appearance?

A sinus lift mostly focuses on adding bone to the upper jaw and doesn't really change how your face looks.

Direct Sinus Lift:

There are two main ways to do sinus lift: one is indirect and another is direct, the surgeon makes a small opening in the jawbone to get to the sinus and lift the membrane. It is usually done when only a little bone is needed.

How Much Does a Sinus Lift Cost?

The cost of a sinus lift can vary based on what type of case it is and how severe it is, and where you live. Like in Vadodara averagely, the cost range is in between 5,000 to 25,000.

Reasons To Consider a Sinus Lift:

1. Better Implant Success: A sinus lift makes a good base for dental implants, which helps them stick better.

2. Looks Better: By adding bone in the back of the upper jaw, a sinus lift can make your smile look better, especially when back teeth are missing.

3. Keeps Face Shape: Preventing bone loss in the upper jaw with a sinus lift can keep your face looking like it should and stop it from looking old too soon.

4. Makes Chewing and Talking Easier: With enough bone, dental implants from a sinus lift can help you eat, talk, and keep your mouth healthy.


Sinus lift surgery is required for getting implants in the upper jaw. If you are planning to get dental implants, talk to your dentist about sinus lift he/she can help to make sure your treatment goes well and you are happy with the results.